Hello, This is Me!!

So, I never owned a bike until I was 36 years old. There are a lot of reasons for that; none of which is important.

One day after buying that Schwinn Hybrid bike (still a very cool bike) I rode 8 miles………..that’s right; 8 miles…..in one day!! I was so excited, that when I got home, I told everyone I knew who was still riding bikes. They were not impressed. Hmmmmmm???? It doesn’t matter; mileage alone for the sake of mileage is SOULLESS!

Since that time, my biking adventures and cycling mileage have increased exponentially. I ride with friends and alone. I explore everywhere. I ride my bike on the roads, on the dirt, and in Subway Stations (NO!!! I’m not talking about the sandwich shop!) I ride on roofs and in hotel hallways.

Everywhere I go on my bike; be it across the globe or across the street is exciting.