Hello my Bike Friends!

When we last left our moronic day-cyclist…er, ah…..I mean “Intrepid Urban Bike Warrior,” he was finishing up some Miles for Mary Norton who had a crash near the end of her California Coast Classic Bike Tour. That trip led him through the “Airport Connector/Zulu Delta Only Interior Bike Path.”

Todays quick video will show some other footage from that ride to “complete” the miles for Mary. It was a spectacular day to ride. I was laughing when I found some audio commentary along the way, as well as a super bonus in the closing scene.

Mary, I hope your recovery is going well, and you enjoy “the ride.”

Zulu Delta

P.S. I’ll include the link below with the video of Part One of the ride if you missed it! Also included is the short blog of the 3 women I met on the train for this ride.

New video of Mary’s Ride Part 2

The Two Previous Links Are Below.